Parent Classes for Children

5 Months to 2 Years of Age

The support of the parent or carer plays a crucial role at Kidstart as it provides a safe and supportive environment for the child to explore and develop. The program is very different to a playgroup where there is generally a lot less structure. Our program relies on you helping your child with the different activities so as to give your child encouragement and support. This is also important from a safety perspective. Parents are guided through the activities and advised the reasons behind them and given further ideas for use at home. Children enjoy spending time playing with you and showing you what they can do.


Class Structure

Our classes follow the same essential structure as listed below. The variations that are then experienced in each class reflect the specific educational needs relevant to the age and stage of development of the children:

Kidstart One - Ages 5 Months to 14 Months

Introduces children and parents to music, stories and stimulating equipment with a gross motor program encouraging the development of rolling, crawling, sitting and standing. Utilizing both the large pieces of equipment as well as specialized equipment for our youngest members! This class is designed for our sitters, crawlers and those learning to walk. Running time 55 minutes