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Kidstart Education

Welcome to Kidstart Southside!
Parent (Carer)/Child Classes

(5 Months – 24 Months)

Our Independent Pre-Preschool Classes

(3 Years and over)

Our Independent Preschool PLUS Classes

(4 Years and Over)

Welcome to Kidstart Southside!
Give your child a headstart with Kidstart

Kidstart Southside Education and Activity Centre is unique to Canberra and has been in operation since 1996. Kidstart Southside is an owner operated center where, at all times we strive for excellence, dedication, service, love, care, compassion towards the members of our Kidstart Southside family. We cater for children aged between 5 months and 5 years of age and their parents and carers.

Our Philosophy

At Kidstart Southside we aim to provide opportunities for each child to develop socially, physically and intellectually through a sequential program full of fun and stimulating activities that provides both enjoyment and learning. Our programs provide children with the academic and social skills required for formal schooling by introducing structure and routines in a play based, fun, creative and co-operative atmosphere where staff, children and parents are engaged in developing the individual abilities and skills of each child. Our program has been developed and is facilitated by a team of experienced and qualified teachers. We pride ourselves on the outstanding qualifications of our staff. All of members of our teaching staff hold at least a four-year university qualification. Providing the exceptional academic and practical knowledge, combined with a love of children to bring the Kidstart Southside classrooms to life as a wonderful, stimulating environment where a true love of learning is developed at an early age. To cater to the needs of all our little learners, as well as the big ones too, the Centre only operates during school terms.

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Precious Moments of KidStart Children

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