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Letterland is a phonics based literacy program.  Phonics programs are based on the actual sounds the letters make in words. Letterland makes learning letter sounds fun!  Letterland does this by capturing children’s interest and attention.  They relate to the characters so learning about them feels like play.  Yet, they are laying solid foundations for successful learning.  As far as we are aware Letterland Literacy programs are not used in any ACT Preschools, but are used in a lot of ACT Primary Schools.

To learn to read and write, children will need to know the sounds that letters represent in words.  In Letterland, letters have good reasons for behaving the way and making the sounds they do.  Children love learning all about these reasons!  For example it is much more fun to learn that Harry Hatman whispers ‘hhh’ in words because he hates noise, than it is to remember ‘aitch’ makes the quiet ‘hhh’ sound.

Listed are some important Early Learning Goals that we work towards throughout the year at Kidstart using all aspects of our program including Letterland:

  • Listening to and using spoken and written language.

  • Exploring and experimenting with language.

  • Sustaining attentive listening, responding to what they have heard.

  • Extending vocabulary, exploring the meaning and sounds of new words.

  • Hearing and saying initial sounds in words.

  • Linking sounds to letters, naming and sounding letters of the alphabet.

  • Knowing that print carries meaning and it reads from left to right.

While we work hard at Kidstart by having fun and learning you can help your child achieve these Early Learning Goals by enjoying books with them at home.  Give your child a love of books.  Have plenty of them around, share them with your child and enjoy them together.  Talk to them about the Letterland letter they are focusing on each week, about what Character letter each member of the families name starts with, identify character letters on signs and in books.  Enjoy this special time and let it happen at a pace that is right for your child. 

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