Pre-Preschool for Children 3 years and over

The Kidstart Southside Pre-Preschool for 3 year olds is designed specifically for children the year before they commence preschool. The aim of the program is to enhance school readiness by providing children with the academic and social skills required for preschool and beyond and introduce structure and routines in a fun creative atmosphere. These classes are a fantastic stepping stone for all children especially those who may not have experienced regular separation from their primary care givers. This program is an extension of our parent/child classes.

The Kidstart Southside Pre-Preschool program is one of the only programs in the ACT, where university qualified teachers are introducing these young developing minds to the amazing literacy world of letter recognition combined with the learning the sounds the amazing letters make in words through the tried and tested Letterland phonics based literacy program. Each year a new group of 3 year olds become obsessed with meeting all the letters that surround them and learning the sound they all make in words, allowing them, before they even start school to become active participants in the written world that they live in. This program kick starts your child’s lifelong educational journey, by providing a fun, structured, positive, empowering program which gives your child the headstart they deserve!






In our classes we provide an environment where all children feel valued and experience success at their own level. Our sequential program full of fun, stimulating activities provides both enjoyment and learning at the same time.

At Kidstart Southside our programs are designed to ensure the children are immersed in concrete activities where they can fully engage themselves in play whilst gaining knowledge and progressing through key developmental phases. Our programs reflect our recognition of the necessity of play involving diversity and individual choice.

The Pre-Preschool sessions include immersion in:

Literature -

Stories, Letterland© (Phonics Based) Program, Role Plays

Numeracy -

Counting games, rhymes, number recognition

Play -

Learning to play with others, sharing, taking turns

Fine Motor Activities -

threading, lacing, puzzles, play dough, craft activities, chalk drawing

Oral Language Program -

Weekly News sessions allow the children to talk in front of the group sharing ideas, events and items. This is combined with numerous opportunities to talk to their peers during our various activities.

Gross Motor Activities -

activities are designed around both our indoor and outdoor equipment, structured circuits, as well as free exploration