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There are three different structures for our classes at Kidstart Southside:
1) Parent (Carer)/Child Classes

The first is for our children from 5 months to 2 years of age where the children attend the centre once a week with their parent/carer. These programs rely on the parents helping their child with the different activities to provide encouragement and support.

The weekly session is designed to enhance a child’s overall growth and development in social, physical and intellectual areas. Sessions include music, movement, dance, gym, gross motor activities, fine motor activities, percussion as well as stories, rhymes, jigsaws and games. Of particular importance is the development of motor skills and coordination which are critical to a child’s development and future learning. Equipment such as slides, tunnels, gymnoballs, balance and climbing equipment are used.

Sessions are structured and consist of group times designed to enhance social skills, an individual time with the teacher as well as an exploration time enabling the child to experiment with different equipment at his/her own pace.

2) Our Independent Pre-Preschool Classes
2) Our Independent Pre-Preschool Classes

The second type of program is a Pre-Preschool for children 3 years and over. Children attend the Centre twice a week without parents. This program is designed specifically to prepare children for preschool and formal schooling. It includes music, art, craft, creative play, fine and gross motor activities and early literacy and numeracy skills.

3) Our Independent Preschool PLUS Classes

The third type of program is for children 4 years and over who are currently attending a registered Preschool Program. The Preschool PLUS program is designed to complement the programs currently being run by the Government Pre-schools whilst continuing on with what we do best at Kidstart! Especially the Literacy and Numeracy Programs we believe are extremely beneficial for children as they prepare for school. Children attend the Centre once a week for a 2½ hour session. These classes are only available at the Kidstart Southside Centre.


Find a Class suitable for Your Child!

Pre-Preschool for 3 & 4 Year Olds 
Preschool Plus for 4 Years and Over
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