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Preschool PLUS for 4 & 5 year olds attending Preschool

The Kidstart Southside Preschool Plus program is designed for children to be involved in the year they also attend a registered Preschool program.  The aim of this program is to build on all the fantastic skills and experiences that the Kidstart is respected for providing.  This program has come about after many years of feedback from Kidstart parents moving onto Preschool but still wanting the Kidstart fun and creative way of developing structure and routine whilst providing the early academic and social skills required for formal schooling.  Preschool Plus classes continue to provide an environment where all children feel valued and experience success at their own level.  Our sequential program full of fun, stimulating activities provides both enjoyment and learning at the same time.

At Kidstart Southside our programs are designed to ensure the children are immersed in concrete activities where they can fully engage themselves in play whilst gaining knowledge and progressing through key developmental phases. Our programs reflect our recognition of the necessity of play involving diversity and individual choice.


The Preschool Plus sessions include immersion in:

  • Literacy – Our phonics based program Letterland© continues to be major focus, stories, puppetry.

  • ICT – the use of computer technology to further enhance our Literacy program using specifically designed software based on the Letterland© Phonics based alphabet program. This adds a new dimension to all the characters from Letterland as well providing opportunities for the children to use computers at an appropriate level for their individual age and stages of development.

  • Numeracy – Counting games, rhymes, concrete counting activities, counting forwards and backwards.

  • Play – Learning to play with others in a social setting, taking turns, looking after equipment, packing away toys and games.

  • Fine Motor Activities – lots of activities to develop fin motor skills, including correct letter formation.

  • Gross Motor Activities – activities are designed around both our indoor and outdoor equipment, structured circuits as well as free exploration.

  • Oral Language Program – regular News sessions allow the children to talk in front of the whole group as well as ask their peers questions, share ideas, events, items and contribute to themes being focused on by the group.

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